Welcome to our gallery bursting with impressions of the Company Family Program 2023, where we show photos and inspiring quotes from the young people who spent two to four weeks with host families from participating companies in 2023.

Our collection of pictures and testimonials is so extensive because each and every one of the young people has their own story to tell. They tell of beautiful moments and also of challenges. Traveling alone, adapting to different habits, climates and culinary delights, and the diversity of communication are just some of the aspects that make this exchange so special.

Many of the young people did not have the opportunity to explore the world during the Corona pandemic. Perhaps all the more curious, they took advantage of the opportunity and discovered not only fascinating countries and cultures, but also their own strengths and abilities.

We would like to thank our customers, the companies that created this valuable opportunity. With foresight, they have the next generation in mind and enable the children of their employees to think outside the box and experience the world in all its diversity.

A special thanks goes to the host families who opened the doors to their homes and their hearts with openness and warmth. They have made a decisive contribution to this unforgettable adventure!

We invite you to be inspired by these pictures and stories. May they also awaken in you the curiosity to explore the world with open eyes and an open heart.

„I left Germany knowing that I had made friends and new relationships. Thank you, Cofam,
Eppendorf, and Promega for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful program.” (Samuel, USA)
“It was a very good experience, I hope that other young people will be able to go around the world and experience the same thing (hoping that they pass through France), thank you for allowing me to experience this, I am grateful.” (Lucy, France)